Our mission is to ease human suffering by improving function and reducing pain. Our vision is to enrich the experience of traditional ‘pain management’ through a whole-person-care approach, a focus on healthy living, and when necessary, the use of medications and cutting-edge technology to bridge the gaps.


At Eclipse Pain and Recovery, we understand the process by which an unbalanced life can lead to minor symptoms, and when given to treatments that provide short-term relief, without foundational correction, will often lead to long-term dependence, worsening of symptoms, and more downstream interventions. The truth is pain is inextricably linked to health, that is, not only physical health, but also emotional, spiritual, and social health as well. These four domains of the human being do not exist in isolation from one another but are enmeshed in such a way that each is dependent on the other. If only a single domain is evaluated and treated to the exclusion of the others, how can we expect to meaningfully improve our circumstances? This concept forms the basis of whole-person care and is indispensable in the evidence-based treatment of chronic pain.



We hold ourselves to the highest standards of medical science and patient care.


We are committed to the recovery of our patients.


We recognize that all people are children of God and should be treated as such.


We believe in honest, straightforward business practices, including price transparency.


We believe only those with a passion to serve should have the privilege to serve.


By fostering a culture of safety, we seek to minimize risk such that we can maximize recovery.


We believe that when given the right tools, patients have within themselves the ability to make a meaningful recovery.